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Al Fattah is a well known and trusted name in the industrial arena of Bangladesh. We are working incessantly, with full of expertise and professionalism to move forward country’s industrial sector. It’s core business is to provide turnkey solution for industrial plants, machinery, equipment and spares. It also provides consultancy services for industrial plant. Its scope of service includes in the field of engineering, technical and financial sector. By times it is gathering huge experience and becomes the country leader.

Al Fattah has provided good and efficient services including supply of complete plant and equipment in diverse fields such as Power Sector, Food and Beverage Industry, Vegetable Oil (Soybean, Palm) Refining Plant (Physical Refinery, Dry Fractionation and Shortening), Chemical and Petrochemical Industry, Cement Industry, Re Rolling Mill, LPG Storage and Filling Station, PET Bottle Making Plant, Filling Machines for Water Filling, Soft Drinks/Juice Filling, Oil Filling, Water Treatment Plant, Material Handling Equipment, Garment Accessories Making Machine, Industrial Accessories, Spare Parts etc.

Al Fattah is also representing number of leading Engineering and Manufacturing companies around the world in Bangladesh. It has been successfully continuing a professional and trustworthy relationship with utmost sincerity and strenuous effort to its Foreign Manufacturers and Suppliers as well as local clientele in Bangladesh

Our Responsibility Towards End User

  •  Providing world’s best Industrial Solution!
  • – Ensure After sales services
  • – Arrangement of smooth & fruitful communication with suppliers / manufacturers
  • – Supervision of Equipment erection & Installation
  • – Provides consultancy services

Our Responsibility Towards Manufacturer

  • — Sales Promotion / Brand   Representation
  • — Build a Rapport between Manufacturer & End User.
  • — Providing After Sales Services.
  • —  Help in Research & Development
  • — Maintain Confidentiality
  • — Monitor Proper handling of goods at port & delivery to the project  site to avoid damage claim.
  • —  Liability of smooth handling / settlement of commercial issues.
  • —  Follow up Payment clearance with client and bank

We Provide The Best Service In Industry

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